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Thu Dau Mot University Journal of Science (TDMUJS) is published by Thu Dau Mot University under the authorization of Ministry of Information and Communications to serve the interests of both Vietnam and international lectures and scientists associated with higher education, postgraduate training and scientific research for community.The aim is to publish high quality research papers in a variety of fields of social sciences, such as humanities, education and economics. The Journal, which is a forum for the presentation of innovative ideas, approaches, and research projects, facilitates knowledge exchange among lecturers, researchers, and education professionals. We accept submissions of articles which report new outcome of empirical research, review of the field, and discourse of scholarly debate. This is an online quarterly multi-discipline journal, which  is schedules to be published on March 15th, Jun 15th, September 15th and December 15th of every year.

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Current Issues

Political culture is a complex concept, containing many different understandings and research methods from many different perspectives. Studies of political culture have emerged since World War II, and scholars continue to discuss this concept in the context of many inconsistent views in the academic world because of the interdisciplinary nature of this concept. Based on research results on the definitions, functions, and relations of political culture with organizational culture and management culture; by secondary qualitative data analysis method; this article concludes that the most similar point between the definitions of "political culture" is the recognition of the relationship between political culture and the state, with society with nation-state and class, the recognition that the inner meaning of political culture always includes dynamic elements as well as static elements, and acknowledges that the subject of political culture can be studied at all three levels of the individual, institution (organization), and community (state, nation).
Currently, to make human life more convenient and easier, many utility services have been provided. Among them, online food ordering applications with high coverage and diverse forms become prominent. This research aims to examine the factors influencing the intention of using online food ordering applications among students in Ho Chi Minh City. Using a multivariate linear regression model and the Ordinary Least Squares method (OLS), the research team analyzed primary data based on 120 valid survey sheets collected from students studying in HCMC. The research results indicate that there are seven factors influencing the intention to use (ITU) online food ordering applications, including: (1) Ease of use (EOU), (2) Convenience (CV), (3) Aesthetic appeal (AA), (4) Price expectations (PE), (5) Social influence (SI), (6) Perceived risk (PR), and (7) Habits (HB). Among them, the three factors with the greatest impact on the students’ intention are ease of use, aesthetic appeal, and social influence. Based on the test results, the study proposes a management implication to help food delivery service providers enhance service quality, suggest development directions, and make suitable strategies for potential target customers. Keywords: food delivery service providers, food ordering applications, management implication, students’ intention
In recent times, there has been a rapid surge in the advancement of technologies associated with Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs), particularly in the domains of sensors, networking, and processing. Consequently, substantial investments from both governments and industries have been directed towards the exploration of UAVs, aiming to enhance their performance for secure and dependable deployments. The evolution of design methodologies and the exploration of UAV systems have transitioned from single UAV applications to encompass multi-UAVs and cooperative UAV systems. These systems necessitate a heightened level of coordination and collaboration to execute tasks, demanding innovative networking models, approaches, and mechanisms tailored for highly mobile nodes, encompassing numerous intricate parameters and constraints. The present paper provides comprehensive insights and conducts a meticulous examination of UAV communication protocols, networking systems, architectures, and applications. Furthermore, it delves into UAV solutions while underscoring critical technical challenges and unresolved research issues that warrant further investigation and dedicated research and development endeavors. In this paper, we study some problems and solutions for The Command and Control (C2) aspect of UAV communication systems. We also give some directions for research in near future.
Investigating the characteristics of the three-step sorption of Sc on armchair silicene nanoribbons is the aim of this study. Since absorbed energy is the largest of the bridge, hollow, valley, and top positions, the hollow position is selected first. The structural state of the second step has an energy of adsorption of 4.18 Å and a bond length of 2.36 Å for Si-Si. Finally, ASiNRs with a high Sc atom had their 1.25 Å surface modified. Adsorbed ASiNRs resulted in new materials with semi-metal and magnetic characteristics, suggesting potential use in spintronic and electronic devices in the future.
The Covid pandemic and economic recession have seriously affected the business and production activities of businesses. This article proposes the application of Lean manufacturing to identify waste and propose solutions to reduce waste at Protrade Garment Joint Stock Company. In this study, tools in Lean and JIT were used to identify waste in the production process and calculate the cost of losses caused by waste. Research results have reduced waste due to transportation and help Protrade Garment Joint Stock Company increase its competitiveness in the market. Keywords:Lean, waste, cost , 5S.
Physical Education plays an important role in improving health and physical development, contributing to fostering personality, and meeting comprehensive educational requirements for students. This is one of the contents of comprehensive education of learners' personality in schools in general and elementary schools in particular. It can be carried out in many ways, teaching physical education is the most basic and important ways. The article presents an overview of the theoretical system of physical education activities for students in primary schools to affirm the Party and State's policy views on physical education for the youth and children generation is completely correct, plays an extremely important role in the development of each individual and contributes to improving the quality of society.


Dang Thi My Dung, Dang Nhu Quynh, Vo Nhu Minh Quan, Phan Thi Ha Phuong, Pham Truong Uyen Thy
ABSTRACT The world’s financial market has recently suffered from many fluctuations due to currency changes and the crisis, especially after the bank collapsed in the United States, cryptocurrencies have become one of the leading choices made by many investors in the world. It is undoubted that the development of cryptocurrency is an inevitable trend in society's future. In that context, updating knowledge about the general development trend of the financial market as well as about the cryptocurrency system is indispensable for everyone, especially young people - the generation that holds the global economy's future. Therefore, it is urgent to present and educate the cryptocurrency framework to college students. If there is no action taken, economics instructors will run the risk their students are left back in this flourishing and endlessly changeable economy. To start the educational story about cryptocurrency, it is crucial to define the measurements of students' awareness about the medium ahead of teaching-related materials. The data of the study are collected from 355 survey samples conducted by students in Ho Chi Minh City. The survey consists of 15 questions using various scales, designed by the researchers and using MS Excel 2016 for quantitative analysis, including using percentages, frequencies. The results show that the students' awareness is still low despite the significance of knowing about cryptocurrency. But they are also gradually realizing the necessity of things and are willing to improve their own knowledge of this aspect. Keywords: education, cryptocurrencies, students’ perceptions
The 5S approach is one of the strategies that can assist organizations, corporations, and educational institutions boost production and working efficiency. The Training Department - Thu Dau Mot University has used and implemented this strategy to create a clean and tidy working environment in which personnel can handle professional work and systematic archival records. This article presents the theoretical basis of the 5S method, the application process, and the results of implementing this method in the management of training at Thu Dau Mot University. Based on the approach to 5S principles, implementation steps according to the PDCD quality cycle, and practical implementation at the Training Department. The outcomes benefited the department by increasing work management efficiency without spending too much money. If 5S is adopted and reproduced in all functional departments and specialized units, it will generate a high-quality cultural environment that will strengthen the university's market position.
E-learning has many exceptional advantages in teaching and training, and it has been applied in many universities and colleges in Dong Nai with a variety of scopes and levels; especially at a time with the motto "learning everywhere at any time", Dong Nai province sees this as a good opportunity to accelerate digital transformation in education. Simultaneously, underlining that online teaching is not only a temporary solution during epidemic seasons, but also an important way to improve educational quality. The research is carried out to examine the realities of online training in higher education in order to satisfy the demands of society's need for high-quality human resources. In addition, lecturer questionnaire and student questionnaire design would be used to collect quantitative data to answer research questions through the employment of questionnaire. The survey result showed that an average score of 4.03 to 4.19 with the “agree” level in student survey and another 4.19 to 4.29 in lecturer survey. It is indicated that the attitudes of students and lecturers on the survey items are very similar through two surveys. As a result, e-learning plays an important role in conveying the knowledge to all students at anytime and anywhere.
This article presents the history of Caritas Phu Cuong as a charity and social organization that plays an important role in helping the poor and disabled people of Binh Dương province. In addition, the article will also analyze the role and contributions of Caritas Phu Cuong in the field of charity for Binh Duong province in the following aspects: medical examination and medicine distribution for the poor people; life protection program; taking care of lonely elderly people; support people with disabilities to integrate into the community; build a library of books and toys for children; organize compassion classes for children of workers in difficult circumstances; bright path scholarship (Slovakia); environmental protection and human trafficking prevention programs. Finally, the article will discuss the role, functions and scope of activities of Caritas Phu Cuong in different historical periods to adapt to the changes in the socio-political context of Vietnam.
Applying the AQI ( Air Quality Index) to evaluate the current air in 03 research areas: Go Dau Industrial Park, Long Thanh Industrial Park, and Binh Son commune in Long Thanh district. From there, create a table comparing the air quality of these three areas over the years from 2017 to 2020. On that basis, propose solutions to control and improve air environmental quality in the research areas. Assessment results can be used as a data source to build air quality zoning maps. Provide environmental information to the community in a simple, easy-to-understand, and intuitive way. It helps raise ecological awareness. The primary method used in this study is the method of calculating the air quality index Vn_AQI issued by the Vietnam Environment Administration.
Industrial robots have become one of the effective support tools for human labor. Robots are a solution to replace humans in repetitive tasks and in environments where humans cannot work. Robots have become one of the factors responding to the Industrial Revolution 4.0. Automatic control devices require high-precision control quality. Therefore, in this paper, we focus on researching controlling the position of the actuator accurately based on the PID algorithm. First, we study the forward and inverse kinematics of a three-joint robot. Second, we design the robot model on inventor software and transfer the 3d model in inventor software to Matlab Simmechanics. Third, modeling robot model on Simulink to simulate and evaluate the results achieved
In the accelerating pace of globalization and internationalization of trade, professionals from a wide range of organizations believed that English as an international language, which is a way of thinking, researching and practicing, was used in almost all areas of life, study, and work. That’s why the study's foremost objectives were to comprehend reading learning strategies used by English-majored students at Thu Dau Mot University. A quantitative method was used to conduct the research with a questionnaire divided into four parts. The subjects of this study are 100 English majors from the Faculty of Foreign Languages at Thu Dau Mot University. According to the results, the majority of students agree with the difficulties faced when learning English reading. Likewise, students also subscribe that they also use some reading learning strategies such as extensive reading strategy, the phonics strategy, the whole language strategy, reading comprehension strategy and vocabulary building strategy. Moreover, some solutions, such as the function of the word in the sentence, the main gist, guessing the unfamiliar word and reading aloud are recommended to them to read more effectively and improve their reading ability. Ultimately, some recommendations are made in the hope of helping both teachers and students. Keywords: challenges, English reading, reading learning strategies, Thu Dau Mot University
This article's primary goals are to provide design drawings, a description of the structure, an explanation of the working principle, and a kinematics calculation for text stamping machines. This machine has an electric motor, a gear-pinion transmission, a rotating disc-rod-slider mechanism and a hinged four-way mechanism. This is a simple, reasonably priced and useful device for administrative agencies' workstations. An ordinary administrative worker can also operate it. This device is about the same size as a laptop or printer. It operates by clamping the seal, stamping constantly onto A4 pages. The stamping speed can also be changed by varying the shaft speed of the electric motor. It is convenient, but it also has the disadvantage of requiring someone to put the paper in and take it out. The box frame of this machine is made of plastic or wood. Some transmission components are made of steel. When this machine works, the force applied to it and the force caused by it are very small, so in general it is very simple and safe. Keywords: Gear transmission – rack, rotating disc mechanism – connecting rod – slider, four-hinged mechanism, stamping machine.
In this topic, we applied the Fmincon function to the optimum question when choosing the structure of a 7-bar bearing steel bearing, divided into groups of the same size, including group 1 (1, 2 bars), group 2 (3, 4, and 5 bars), and group 3 (6, and 7 bars) with three fixed head points and two bearing points. Using the Matlab software code, we have identified the structures of each group of steel bars corresponding to the radius of 1.564 cm, 3.509 cm, and 4.724 cm, respectively. Through this, we can identify the 1, 2, and 3 bars that are resistant to traction; the 3, 5, 6, and 7 bars that are subject to compression; and the 4 bars alone that are not subject to the action of the force. The results show that using the optimal method, we choose the different sizes, thicknesses, and volumes of the pipe so that it best suits the technical requirements of the paper, to avoid waste of raw materials, affecting the economic cost.
An academic advisor is a person who orients, advises, and monitors the learning and training activities of students in academic credit system activities to help students achieve their training goals in academic credit system. From that, it can be understood that academic advising activities are the work of consultants and supports for students. This article presents the role of the academic advising team at the university, thereby conducting a survey, analyzing and evaluating the current state of Thu Dau Mot University managers and lecturers’ perceptions of the importance of academic advisors to contribute to improving the training quality under the academic credit system.
The article presents the disease pattern of inpatients at Pham Ngoc Thach Traditional Medicine Hospital in Lam Dong from 2021 to 2023. The study was conducted using a cross-sectional, retrospective descriptive method, utilizing data from the hospital's medical records system and statistical reports from 2021 stored in the hospital's archives. Information was collected from patient records following predefined selection criteria, encompassing all adequately documented cases during the inpatient treatment period from January 1st, 2021 to August 31st, 2023. The research findings revealed that the group of diseases related to musculoskeletal and connective tissue accounted for the highest proportion at 57.79%, followed by circulatory diseases at 24.18%, and nervous system diseases at 7.75%. Other groups of diseases such as digestive, trauma, and respiratory systems also appeared, albeit with lower proportions. Particularly, rare disease groups like ear and mastoid bone diseases, and skin and subcutaneous tissue diseases were noted. These results provide a comprehensive overview of the disease distribution, supporting decision-making and the development of effective treatment strategies for inpatients in the upcoming period.
This study aims to investigate students’ common errors in Vietnamese-English translation. For the objectives, 70 first-year students at Foreign Trade University – Ho Chi Minh campus, were invited to participate in this study. To identify students’ errors in Vietnamese-English translation, the participants were asked to complete five weekly assignments. The results revealed that students made grammatical, lexical, and spelling errors. The causes of these observed errors were also indicated, which included the difference between English and Vietnamese, inadequate culture background, students’ insufficient linguistic competence in English language and Vietnamese language, lack of cultural background knowledge, students’ inappropriate translation strategies, interference of Vietnamese, misunderstanding, and students’ carelessness. In addition, some suggestions were offered in the light of the findings identified in the study to help students improve their translation ability.

Combined biological and chemical-physical processes for domestic wastewater treatment

Huynh Ngoc Anh Tuan, Nguyen Tri Quang Hung, Cai Thi Quyen, Ho Thanh Ba, Nguyen Minh Ky, Truong Quoc Minh
The present study aims to investigate the possibility of domestic wastewater treatment using biological system combined with chemical-physical processes, including Upflow Sludge Blanket Filtration (USBF) technology and PolyAluminium Chloride (PAC). Experimental results showed that the added PAC content plays an essential role in improving the treatment efficiency and reached National Technical Regulation on domestic wastewater QCVN 14:2008/BTNMT (Column A). With Jar-test results, the optimal pH of 7.0 and the PAC dosage of 170 mg/L were recorded with the highest removal efficiencies for suspended solids and organic matter. In the modified USBF bioreactor, the findings illustrated the pollutant removal efficiencies such as Biochemical Oxygen Demand (BOD5), Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD), and Suspended Solids (SS) were equal to 96.2 ± 1.4%, 85.8 ± 4.4% and 99.3 ± 2.1%, respectively. The parameters of BOD5 and SS met QCVN 14:2008/BTNMT - Column A. In the future, this advanced filtration technology can be helpful for wastewater reclamation and reuse to cope with water scarcity.
This work presents a benchmarking study between Lagamine, an in-house developed finite element (FE) code, and COMSOL Multiphysics® (Comsol) commercial software in thermal analyses to investigate their capability in modeling complex manufacturing processes. For this purpose, two case studies, including a NAFEMS benchmark for heat transfer with convection and a Directed Energy Deposition (DED) of a bulk sample, were used as test cases. The simulation models using Lagamine and Comsol solvers for each case were described. The underlying algorithms and theories, as well as the soft-ware development, are investigated. The computational results indicate slight differ-ences between Lagamine and Comsol solutions in both case studies. For the NAFEMS test case, the results obtained with Comsol solver appear to be less dependent on the mesh size than those obtained with Lagamine. For the DED test case, within the chosen configurations of Lagamine and Comsol codes, the maximum difference in the highest peak temperatures obtained from the two codes is about 20%. From an engineering point of view, it is suggested to determine parameters of the FE model consistently with the selected FE code to provide the best match with experimental observations.

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