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Dang Quoc Trieu, Chau Thanh Tai, Nguyen Ngoc Nhat Anh, Le Thao Huong Giang, Pham Quynh Giang
The study investigated algorithms for processing the gamma spectrum of PVT detectors. Various commonly used algorithms and algorithms were examined for handling the gamma spectrum of PVT detectors. During the research, the Energy Weighted Counts (EWC) algorithm was selected and implemented to process the gamma spectrum using simulated data of gamma scattering spectra on PVT detectors. Specifically, the energy-weighted algorithm was applied to effectively differentiate between the gamma spectra of three important isotopes Cs137, Co60, and I131. The results of the study demonstrated the success in meeting the specified requirements, especially in selecting the optimal algorithm for identifying the three isotopes on the PVT detector, all achieved through the utilization of the GEANT4 simulation software. This research not only provided a detailed insight into gamma spectrum processing but also proposed an effective algorithm using simulation software to explore and evaluate algorithms on PVT detectors. This marked a significant step in the research and development within this field.
The article explores the influence of the mother tongue (Vietnamese) on practicing to develop first-year students’ English writing skills at Thu Dau Mot University. Analytical data was collected from 100 first-year students majoring in English Language at the Faculty of Foreign Languages - Thu Dau Mot University. Research results show that students are still greatly influenced by Vietnamese (first language) in the process of practicing English writing skills. Among the students surveyed, up to 58.4% said they were still influenced by the way of thinking in Vietnamese, and then switched to English to follow the writing style of Vietnamese. … The remaining % said they had practiced writing in English through many writing activities at English centers and had practiced writing through thinking in English. The rest of the article proposes some solutions to help students overcome the above barriers to develop effective writing skills.
Phytoremediation is an ecofriendly that has shown promising results for the contaminants like heavy metals. Because of its advantages as a cost-effective, efficient, environment- and eco-friendly technology based on the use of metal-accumulating plants. This paper aims to compile some information about heavy metals of arsenic, cadmium, lead, copper and zinc (As, Cd, Pb, Cu and Zn) sources, effects and their treatment. It also reviews deeply about phytoremediation technology, including the heavy metal uptake mechanisms and several research studies associated about heavy metals (As, Cd, Pb, Cu and Zn) and aquatic plants are used to process these heavy metals.
Diatomite from Tuy An district, Phu Yen province, with different purities and diatom integrity as catalyst carriers, were adopted to prepare TNTs/g-C3N4 composite catalysts by a sol-gel method, with an optimal weight ratio of 1:1 for TNTs/g-C3N4 and diatomite. Compared with pure TNTs, g-C3N4, and TNTs/g-C3N4, the obtained composite photocatalysts exhibited lower photocatalytic performance under the same conditions and NO removal within 30 min under visible light. The NO gas treatment efficiency under the same conditions with different catalyst supports only decreases by approximately 18% at a reaction rate of 0.0950 min-1. This research on composite photocatalysts is a promising step towards practical environmental remediation. The use of diatomite as a carrier for photocatalytic materials is particularly noteworthy, as it is a naturally available and cost-effective source of materials. However, further improvements in the photocatalytic performance of the composite material are necessary to fully realize its potential in environmental remediation, including removing NOx and other pollutants. Overall, this study provides valuable insights into the influence of carriers on the photocatalytic activity of composite photocatalysts and lays the foundation for future research in this field.
E-learning has many exceptional advantages in teaching and training, and it has been applied in many universities and colleges in Dong Nai with a variety of scopes and levels; especially at a time with the motto "learning everywhere at any time", Dong Nai province sees this as a good opportunity to accelerate digital transformation in education. Simultaneously, underlining that online teaching is not only a temporary solution during epidemic seasons, but also an important way to improve educational quality. The research is carried out to examine the realities of online training in higher education in order to satisfy the demands of society's need for high-quality human resources. In addition, lecturer questionnaire and student questionnaire design would be used to collect quantitative data to answer research questions through the employment of questionnaire. The survey result showed that an average score of 4.03 to 4.19 with the “agree” level in student survey and another 4.19 to 4.29 in lecturer survey. It is indicated that the attitudes of students and lecturers on the survey items are very similar through two surveys. As a result, e-learning plays an important role in conveying the knowledge to all students at anytime and anywhere.
Industrial robots have become one of the effective support tools for human labor. Robots are a solution to replace humans in repetitive tasks and in environments where humans cannot work. Robots have become one of the factors responding to the Industrial Revolution 4.0. Automatic control devices require high-precision control quality. Therefore, in this paper, we focus on researching controlling the position of the actuator accurately based on the PID algorithm. First, we study the forward and inverse kinematics of a three-joint robot. Second, we design the robot model on inventor software and transfer the 3d model in inventor software to Matlab Simmechanics. Third, modeling robot model on Simulink to simulate and evaluate the results achieved
In the accelerating pace of globalization and internationalization of trade, professionals from a wide range of organizations believed that English as an international language, which is a way of thinking, researching and practicing, was used in almost all areas of life, study, and work. That’s why the study's foremost objectives were to comprehend reading learning strategies used by English-majored students at Thu Dau Mot University. A quantitative method was used to conduct the research with a questionnaire divided into four parts. The subjects of this study are 100 English majors from the Faculty of Foreign Languages at Thu Dau Mot University. According to the results, the majority of students agree with the difficulties faced when learning English reading. Likewise, students also subscribe that they also use some reading learning strategies such as extensive reading strategy, the phonics strategy, the whole language strategy, reading comprehension strategy and vocabulary building strategy. Moreover, some solutions, such as the function of the word in the sentence, the main gist, guessing the unfamiliar word and reading aloud are recommended to them to read more effectively and improve their reading ability. Ultimately, some recommendations are made in the hope of helping both teachers and students. Keywords: challenges, English reading, reading learning strategies, Thu Dau Mot University
The article presents the disease pattern of inpatients at Pham Ngoc Thach Traditional Medicine Hospital in Lam Dong from 2021 to 2023. The study was conducted using a cross-sectional, retrospective descriptive method, utilizing data from the hospital's medical records system and statistical reports from 2021 stored in the hospital's archives. Information was collected from patient records following predefined selection criteria, encompassing all adequately documented cases during the inpatient treatment period from January 1st, 2021 to August 31st, 2023. The research findings revealed that the group of diseases related to musculoskeletal and connective tissue accounted for the highest proportion at 57.79%, followed by circulatory diseases at 24.18%, and nervous system diseases at 7.75%. Other groups of diseases such as digestive, trauma, and respiratory systems also appeared, albeit with lower proportions. Particularly, rare disease groups like ear and mastoid bone diseases, and skin and subcutaneous tissue diseases were noted. These results provide a comprehensive overview of the disease distribution, supporting decision-making and the development of effective treatment strategies for inpatients in the upcoming period.
S-TiO2 typically exhibits high photocatalytic activity, but its powdered form makes it difficult to apply practically in environmental treatment. Diatomite from different locations varies in purity and integrity of the diatomaceous earth, making it a suitable catalyst support for synthesizing mixed-phase S-TiO2 catalysts using the sol-gel technique. The synthesized photocatalyst exhibits similar photocatalytic activity to S-TiO2. The NO gas treatment efficiency under the same conditions with different catalyst supports only decreases by approximately 3% within 30 minutes at a reaction rate of 0.0950 min-1, with an optimal mass ratio of 70:30 for S-TiO2 and diatomite. This composite material holds promise for addressing the application of photocatalytic materials in practical environmental treatment, including NO removal and the treatment of other environmental pollutants, as diatomite is a naturally available and environmentally friendly material.
With the development of information technology and smart technology to meet the Industrial Revolution 4.0, and to meet life requirements. Automatic control devices require high-precision control quality. Therefore, in this paper, we focus on researching the Sliding mode controller to improve the control quality compared to the PID controller. First, the sliding mode control is designed using the Lyapunov algorithm. Next, the process of simulating the position signal of a DC motor with a PID controller is compared with a sliding mode control to prove the effectiveness of the proposed controller.
This study only deals with the range of functions of speech acts that the English language may serve all with a view to raise teachers’ and students’ awareness of the roles that the communicative intentions, the utterance functions and the interactive context play in the acquisition of language in general and in develoing students’ communicative competence in particular. With the aims beforehand, the study tries to analyse and present speech acts and implications for teaching and learning these aspects effectively. With reference to speech acts and their linguistic functions in the English language, this study can serve as a reference material for those who are interested in carrying out more research in this field.
Vietnam's economy is operated to serve more than ninety million people so this is a very vivid picture. The large population brings many advantages to the food production sector in general and the production of fresh noodles in particular. Fresh vermicelli is the raw material for processing many dishes of the Vietnamese people for a long time, that's why there are many Vietnamese dishes with indispensable ingredients, which as Noodles in the national culinary books. Vietnam. The production of fresh vermicelli with the main ingredient is fermented and shaped rice with simple steps, but hidden inside there are environmental issues that need to be considered. The production and business associated with environmental protection are the responsibility of most enterprises and production facilities in Vietnam. The fresh noodle food production industry is no exception. Instead of learning about the aspects that affect the environment in the traditional way of collecting information, analyzing, and evaluating the current situation, this time the research team looked at understanding the causes of environmental pollution in terms of consumption. ISO 14001 international standard. ISO 14001 Environmental Management System is an international standard that helps businesses and establishments identify the important role of the environment as well as the risks brought by the environment, thereby realizing the environment as an activity of the Organization. In this standard, the commitment to prevent environmental pollution is a mandatory condition, so determining the environmental aspects to overcome the impacts is a key element of the standard. If a business achieves ISO 14001 Certification, it will have a very good effect in promoting the corporate image of being responsible for the environment and the community. (Lê Huy Bá, 2006), (Lê Thị Hồng Trân, 2008)
Symbolic images stand for more than simply what appears before the eyes. They represent a deeper meaning behind the image – something. The symbolic images in public communications, and techniques of their application as an instrument of forming desired ideological models within social consciousness, as well as consider principles of social psychology that enable successful application of communication technologies to a target audience by appealing to their image thinking. Applied methods of the research are: sociocultural, historical, and content analysis, this article focuses on analyzing the significance of symbol image in public communication strategies and its impacts on brand building, trust establishment, and fostering a positive interactive environment with the public. Based on lessons drawn from practical public communication activities of Thu Dau Mot University, the article proposes additional measures to enhance the effectiveness of the unit's communication and their potential application to specific cases, contributing to the development of the field of public communication.
The relationship between language and gender is an interesting topic which has been under discussion over the last few centuries. Throughout the history of language study, lots of studies have been conducted and different linguists have been looking at this issue from different angles. As a socially constructed notion of what is feminine and what is masculine, gender is considered to be closely interrelated to different aspects of our life, especially to our language. From interdisciplinary perspectives with the corpus being the language used in daily communication, the study pointed out various differences between genders both in language use and in aspects of the language used to talk about each gender. From these differences, the study can help us understand a great deal of American culture which, in turns, makes it easy for us to use the language effectively.
Binh Duong, a dynamic province in the Southern Key Economic Region in Vietnam, has a fast growing economy and strong economic restructuring towards industrialization and modernization, have affected many aspects of economy, culture, society and environment. This study analyzes the influence of economic restructuring on urban development in Binh Duong province by utilizing the time series data throughout 2000 - 2020 and the household interview method of the topic "Urbanization and its effects on land use restructuring in Binh Duong province" shows the shift of occupations from agriculture to non-agriculture. The research results show that economic restructuring contributes to promoting economic and social development in general and expanding the urban network of Binh Duong province in particular, but it has some limitations in the process of development. Therefore, Binh Duong wants to successfully integrate into the world economy and develop urban areas towards sustainability (by 2030), it must have specific, scientific and objective analysis and evaluation on the success and limitations of the economic restructuring process and its impact on the urban system in recent times. The research results also have a scientific basis for proposing appropriate and effective solutions and policies to successfully implement the goals and orientations of economic restructuring and urban development that Binh Duong has been approved.
Heavy metals are the most dangerous substances in the environment, have caused deleterious effect not only to the environment but also to the public’s health. Different studies have demonstrated that plants have a high removal capacity for lead ions from pollution sources. However, these plant species were rather limited. Thus, the project aimed to find out plant species that represent its lead removal ability to reduce environmental pollution. The experiment was carried out factorially as a randomized complete design in hydroponic systems with four treatments (0, 100, 200, and 300 mg/l of Pb) and three replications. The results indicated that the growth of the Dracaena sanderiana plant is well in Pb concentration of 100 mg/l, with less growth while the increasing lead concentration of 200 mg/l and 300 mg/l. The amount of lead in the water of three treatments 100 mg/l, 200 mg/l, and 300 mg/l after 30 days of the experiment decreased by 91.5%, 86.8%, and 86.4%, respectively. It was found that Dracaena sanderiana exhibited high lead treatment efficiency in the water. Moreover, results showed that the accumulation of lead in the roots of Dracaena sanderiana is quite large with treatments of 100 mg/l, 200 mg/l, and 300 mg/l lead concentrations were 5073.8 mg/kg, 5134.0 mg/kg, 7054.0 mg/kg, respectively. In contrast, the ability to lead accumulation in plant leaves and stems is lower. cultivated in hydroponic systems with four treatments and three replications. Four levels of Pb(NO3)2 (0, 100, 200, and 300 ppm) were used. The monitoring indicators include the contents of lead in water, the growth target of Dracaena sanderiana, and the accumulation of lead contents in different organs of Dracaena sanderiana. The results indicated that: the growth of the Dracaena sanderiana plant is well in Pb concentration of 100 ppm, with less growth while the increasing lead concentration of 200 ppm and 300 ppm. The amount of lead in the water of three treatments 100 ppm, 200 ppm, and 300 ppm after 30 days of the experiment decreased by 91.5%, 86.8%, and 86.4%, respectively. It was found that Dracaena sanderiana exhibited high lead treatment efficiency in the water. Moreover, results show that the accumulation of lead in the roots of Dracaena sanderiana is quite large with treatments of 100 ppm, 200 ppm, and 300 ppm lead concentrations were 5073.8 mg/kg, 5134.0 mg/kg, 7054.0 mg/kg, respectively. In contrast, the ability to lead accumulation in plant leaves and stems is much lower.
Over the past few years, there are many activities had negative impacts on the surface water of the Dong Nai river such as industry, agriculture, and service development activities; therefore river water quality is significantly relieved. This study was conducted to evaluate the effect of elements on the water quality in 2022 through analyze the parameters of pH, temperature, DO, BOD5, COD, N-NH4+, P-PO43-, TSS, turbidity, total Coliform on 54 samples, compared with QCVN 2015 for river water quality and the water quality index calculation WQI. The analysis results show that the water quality of Dong Nai river, sections flowing through Bien Hoa city from Jan to Dec is not quite good, most parameters reach the limit value B1 according to QCVN 08:2015/BTNMT; however, the values of parameters DO, total coliforms, TSS exceed the limit value B1 significantly. WQI values fluctuate at a fairly high level from 17 to 68, and the average WQI of the river reaches is quite low, so the authority should have promulgated the law to protect the water surface of this river; therefore water quality assessment is significant for better control and management of the surface water environment in Vietnam.
ABSTRACT This paper analyzes the security performance of underlay cognitive energy-harvesting relay radio networks (UCEHRRN) through the Monter-Carlo simulation results. The results clarify the influence of critical operating parameters on the security performance of the system. Furthermore, the security capabilities of UCEHRRN have been compared with those of the live transmission system. Moreover, many results show that the security performance of the system is significantly improved. Analysis of the results also shows that UCEHRRN is especially effective when the direct transmission system cannot achieve security due to objective reasons such as path loss, severe fading, and shadowing.

Assessment of air quality and community health risks in Di An city - Binh Duong province

Tran Thi Khanh Hoa, Bui Pham Phuong Thanh, Nguyen Thị Thanh Thao, Tran Thanh Liem
Based on research methods such as methods such as data collection and processing, air quality index calculation methods, public health risk assessment methods to assess air quality and effects of substances on the health of people in Di An city. The data for the calculation are inherited from the environmental monitoring report of the Department of Natural Resources and Environment of Di An city in the period of 2019. The calculation results show that the air quality in the city. Di An is fluctuating at an average - poor level (especially in the Cay Lon junction area with the highest index of 150), the health risk assessment results show that when exposed to dust, the total group of people Adults (Women and Men) had a high fluctuating cancer risk index with the highest index of 2 subjects being in the first quarter 0.310, 0.295, in the second quarter 0.269, 0.282, in the third quarter 0.296, 0.282, Fourth quarter 0.289, 0.275. As for other indicators, the subjects assessed when exposed to substances in the air environment in Di An city can be affected to their health, of which the group of adults is still the group of people. Women and men) are the most affected group.
This paper aims to apply FMEA (Failure Mode and Effect Analysis) tool in the wood production process of Minh Duong Wood Company. In this study, the process evaluation indicators according to FMEA were analyzed such as failure severity - S (Severity value), failure frequency - O (Occurrence number), error detection ability. failure - D (Detection number), risk priority factor - RPN (Risk Priority Number). The research results show that the failure modes of the process have been systematically and comprehensively identified. Fault types are ranked as priority for improvement and corresponding solutions have been proposed.
As a response to global warming and climate change, climate change adaptation aims to lessen the susceptibility of social and biological systems to relatively abrupt change and so counteract the effects of global warming. Openness and cooperation are key tenets of an adaptation strategy; as a result, mechanisms for a wide range of stakeholders are included in the creation and execution of adaptation strategies. However, few poor nations have made a point of involving stakeholders in decision-making processes for climate change adaptation. In many regions of the world, there is a notable dearth of concrete plans to include stakeholders in the adaptation of policy-making and implementation. This study uses Viet Nam as a case study to evaluate the level of stakeholder involvement in climate change adaptation strategies. The findings demonstrate that the Vietnamese government has adopted a "top-down" decision-making strategy, in which the government plays the primary role, communities and NGOs have a minimal impact on the creation and implementation of policies, and the private sector is only involved in the implementation phase. Stakeholder participation has generally been acknowledged in Vietnam, although the country's national climate change policies have not been adequately implemented. As a result, the policies for adaptation are unlikely to be effective in the unique settings of diverse places and may not be embraced by all stakeholders, which may ultimately limit adaptation activities. Viet Nam is advised to encourage participation by many stakeholders in the formulation of policy. Other countries can adopt the lessons from Vietnam while creating their adaptation policies.
In this study, we examine students at Thu Dau Mot University specializing in Food Technology’s speaking and listening skills in English. We conducted a survey on 59 students majoring in Food Technology using the questionnaire approach. Students struggle to develop macro-English abilities like speaking and listening, as seen by their responses. mastering English grammar, vocabulary, and other micro-skills might be challenging. The findings indicate that significant obstacles to learning listening and speaking skills include a lousy sound system, a lack of a communicative context, a limited vocabulary, a lack of cultural understanding, and a fear of making mistakes in communication. The findings also demonstrate that students’ limited exposure to English and weak phonological skills are to blame for their difficulty acquiring pronunciation. Many words are long and complicated, making learning and recalling word parts like verbs, nouns, and adjectives challenging. Many words are also difficult to pronounce. Learning the grammar of verbs and articles is challenging for students. When the challenges are solved, this research aims to effective foreign language learning.
Cordyceps has long been considered as a valuable medicinal herb known to possess numerous biological activities, including anti-microbial, anti-cancer, anti-metastasis and immunomodulatory effects. With its benefits, many studies on optimizing the cultivation and production of C. militaris have been carried out. In addition, extraction methods have also been improved to intense efficiency extract the medicinal substances contained in this rare fungi. In this study, the aim was to optimize the process of C. militaris extraction from fruiting bodies based on 17 experimental data using water extraction method. The factors that affects to the extraction productivity such as: extraction temperature, extraction time and water/fungi ratio were investigated within a certain range. The experiments were arranged according to the Box-Behnken design, and then the results was optimized by Design expert software (version 13). In the optimal condition, the maximum productivity can be up to 32.23% with the extraction temperature is at 98oC, the water/fungi ratio is 18:1 and the extraction time is 4 hours.
Ficus hispida L.f. (FH) is among the widely cultivated tree species in Asian regions. The aim of this work was to determine phenolic and flavonoid contents, antioxidant, in vitro anti-inflammatory activities of FH extracts prepared with methanol (ME), ethanol (ET) and ethyl acetate (EA). The extract obtained from ethyl acetate contained the highest total phenolic and flavonoid contents (92.75 +/- 5.14 mg GAE/g and 5.67 +/- 0.65 mg QE/g), followed by ME and ET. The capacity to scavenge ABTS free radical of the extracts followed the order: EA > ME > ET while their DPPH activity differed insignificantly. The inhibitory effect of EA and ME (IC¬50 = 362.84 +/- 29.05 and 386.95 +/- 11.10 ug/mL, respectively) were higher than that of ET. Correlation analysis showed a high positive correlation between total phenolic content and ABTS activity. The findings of the study would be useful for development of new nature-derived agents for prevention and treatment of diseases.

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