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Removal of copper (Cu2+) ions from aqueous solutions by adsorption on activated macadamia carbon using H3PO4 activating agent

By Đào Minh Trung, Dang Thi Hoai Thu, Nguyen Thi Thanh Tram
DOI: 10.37550/tdmu.EJS/2020.02.043


The study aims to investigate the possibility of processing copper metal (Cu2+) with activated carbon prepared from macadamia shell. Activated carbon is prepared from Macadamia shell by chemical agent H3PO4 with coke ratio: H3PO4 = 1:1, optimal temperature condition is 5000C and burning time is 60 minutes. Using the assumed Cu2+ metal treats materials in the laboratory with a concentration of 30ppm. The research to result ability material adsorbed Cu2+ metal achieve good performance 95.92% handle, corresponding to the concentration of Cu2+ reduced from 30 mg/l to 1.2mg/l in optimal conditions is pH = 4.5 , dosage 1.8g/l, time 30 minutes. The results showed that activated carbon prepared from macadamia husk with chemical agent H3PO4 was capable of treating copper metal in wastewater.

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