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By Ngo Bao, Tran Thi Vinh
DOI: 10.37550/tdmu.EJS/2024.01.518


This article's primary goals are to provide design drawings, a description of the
structure, an explanation of the working principle, and a kinematics calculation for text
stamping machines. This machine has an electric motor, a gear-pinion transmission, a
rotating disc-rod-slider mechanism and a hinged four-way mechanism. This is a simple,
reasonably priced and useful device for administrative agencies' workstations. An
ordinary administrative worker can also operate it. This device is about the same size
as a laptop or printer.
It operates by clamping the seal, stamping constantly onto A4 pages. The stamping
speed can also be changed by varying the shaft speed of the electric motor. It is
convenient, but it also has the disadvantage of requiring someone to put the paper in
and take it out.
The box frame of this machine is made of plastic or wood. Some transmission
components are made of steel. When this machine works, the force applied to it and the
force caused by it are very small, so in general it is very simple and safe.
Keywords: Gear transmission – rack, rotating disc mechanism – connecting rod –
slider, four-hinged mechanism, stamping machine.

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