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The article explores the influence of the mother tongue (Vietnamese) on practicing to develop first-year students’ English writing skills at Thu Dau Mot University. Analytical data was collected from 100 first-year students majoring in English Language at the Faculty of Foreign Languages - Thu Dau Mot University. Research results show that students are still greatly influenced by Vietnamese (first language) in the process of practicing English writing skills. Among the students surveyed, up to 58.4% said they were still influenced by the way of thinking in Vietnamese, and then switched to English to follow the writing style of Vietnamese. … The remaining % said they had practiced writing in English through many writing activities at English centers and had practiced writing through thinking in English. The rest of the article proposes some solutions to help students overcome the above barriers to develop effective writing skills.
ABSTRACT Nowadays, parents' needs are increasing to choose toys, especially painting colors, that are both beautiful, ensure their children's health, and are also environmentally friendly. In the production of industrial painting colors, waste from steps in the watercolor production line, if not treated to meet environmental standards according to regulations, will become a huge hazard to the environment and human health. human. Including causing skin, eye, digestive, and respiratory allergies. Causes poisoning, disease, cancer... Destroys the aquatic environment, trees, pollutes rivers and lakes. When building an industrial painting colors production line and putting it into use, if you do not think about solutions to treat wastewater from the production process, it will not be able to operate long term. Wastewater from color factories is mainly heavy metals contained in painting colors such as lead carbonate, oxide, and metal salts containing cadmium chromate. These substances cause mass death of organisms in the water, and polluted water cannot be used for agriculture. This research uses two main methods: experimental research to create products; combined with the questionnaire survey method to get customer opinions after using the painting colors test. Research results show that painting colors products made from fruits and vegetables combined with beeswax and coconut oil are very eye-catching and receive positive feedback from customers. With the im of protecting children in the future and responding to the green environmental message in the world, we hope that safe painting colors products from vegetables and fruits will be popularized in the community in the future. Keywords: vegetables, painting colors, environmental protection, safe products, beeswax.
Through assessment of surface water quality at Siep stream in Di An city, Binh Duong province. Siep Stream is a level 1 tributary that flows into Dong Nai River. Dong Nai River is currently being exploited and used for domestic water supply purposes. Sampling location of Siep stream at the culvert on National Highway 1K from January 2022 to November 2023, through statistical monitoring data compared with QCVN 08-2023/BTNMT (level A) and QCVN 08: 2015/BTNMT (column A2) - National technical regulation on surface water, it shows that the parameters increase or decrease without stable, most tend to increase with about 86.9% COD exceeding the standard 1.0 ÷ 7.8 times, 95.6% SS parameters exceeding the standard 1.8 ÷ 30.4 times, 95.6% N-NH4 number exceeds the standard of 0.16 ÷ 21.8 times, 52.1% of N-NO2 parameters exceed the standard by 0.52 ÷ 8.9 times, 65.2% of P-PO4 parameters exceed the standard by 0.35 ÷ 6.25 times, 91, 3% of Colifrom parameters exceeded the standard of 1.0 ÷ 3.3 times. The WQI (water quality index) results show that the surface water quality of Siep stream is mostly average, this result is not suitable for domestic water supply purposes, there needs to be solutions to improve water quality at the area Siep Stream.
In recent times, there has been a rapid surge in the advancement of technologies associated with Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs), particularly in the domains of sensors, networking, and processing. Consequently, substantial investments from both governments and industries have been directed towards the exploration of UAVs, aiming to enhance their performance for secure and dependable deployments. The evolution of design methodologies and the exploration of UAV systems have transitioned from single UAV applications to encompass multi-UAVs and cooperative UAV systems. These systems necessitate a heightened level of coordination and collaboration to execute tasks, demanding innovative networking models, approaches, and mechanisms tailored for highly mobile nodes, encompassing numerous intricate parameters and constraints. The present paper provides comprehensive insights and conducts a meticulous examination of UAV communication protocols, networking systems, architectures, and applications. Furthermore, it delves into UAV solutions while underscoring critical technical challenges and unresolved research issues that warrant further investigation and dedicated research and development endeavors. In this paper, we study some problems and solutions for The Command and Control (C2) aspect of UAV communication systems. We also give some directions for research in near future.
The Covid pandemic and economic recession have seriously affected the business and production activities of businesses. This article proposes the application of Lean manufacturing to identify waste and propose solutions to reduce waste at Protrade Garment Joint Stock Company. In this study, tools in Lean and JIT were used to identify waste in the production process and calculate the cost of losses caused by waste. Research results have reduced waste due to transportation and help Protrade Garment Joint Stock Company increase its competitiveness in the market. Keywords:Lean, waste, cost , 5S.
Applying the AQI ( Air Quality Index) to evaluate the current air in 03 research areas: Go Dau Industrial Park, Long Thanh Industrial Park, and Binh Son commune in Long Thanh district. From there, create a table comparing the air quality of these three areas over the years from 2017 to 2020. On that basis, propose solutions to control and improve air environmental quality in the research areas. Assessment results can be used as a data source to build air quality zoning maps. Provide environmental information to the community in a simple, easy-to-understand, and intuitive way. It helps raise ecological awareness. The primary method used in this study is the method of calculating the air quality index Vn_AQI issued by the Vietnam Environment Administration.
In the accelerating pace of globalization and internationalization of trade, professionals from a wide range of organizations believed that English as an international language, which is a way of thinking, researching and practicing, was used in almost all areas of life, study, and work. That’s why the study's foremost objectives were to comprehend reading learning strategies used by English-majored students at Thu Dau Mot University. A quantitative method was used to conduct the research with a questionnaire divided into four parts. The subjects of this study are 100 English majors from the Faculty of Foreign Languages at Thu Dau Mot University. According to the results, the majority of students agree with the difficulties faced when learning English reading. Likewise, students also subscribe that they also use some reading learning strategies such as extensive reading strategy, the phonics strategy, the whole language strategy, reading comprehension strategy and vocabulary building strategy. Moreover, some solutions, such as the function of the word in the sentence, the main gist, guessing the unfamiliar word and reading aloud are recommended to them to read more effectively and improve their reading ability. Ultimately, some recommendations are made in the hope of helping both teachers and students. Keywords: challenges, English reading, reading learning strategies, Thu Dau Mot University
This work presents a benchmarking study between Lagamine, an in-house developed finite element (FE) code, and COMSOL Multiphysics® (Comsol) commercial software in thermal analyses to investigate their capability in modeling complex manufacturing processes. For this purpose, two case studies, including a NAFEMS benchmark for heat transfer with convection and a Directed Energy Deposition (DED) of a bulk sample, were used as test cases. The simulation models using Lagamine and Comsol solvers for each case were described. The underlying algorithms and theories, as well as the soft-ware development, are investigated. The computational results indicate slight differ-ences between Lagamine and Comsol solutions in both case studies. For the NAFEMS test case, the results obtained with Comsol solver appear to be less dependent on the mesh size than those obtained with Lagamine. For the DED test case, within the chosen configurations of Lagamine and Comsol codes, the maximum difference in the highest peak temperatures obtained from the two codes is about 20%. From an engineering point of view, it is suggested to determine parameters of the FE model consistently with the selected FE code to provide the best match with experimental observations.
Van Phuc 2 General Hospital is one of the hospitals that is always concerned about environmental protection in medical checkups and treatment. However to affirm and enhance the prestige is a regional hospital in the region, step by step approaching the hospitals around the world. Therefore, the subject "Proposing solutions to remedy meaningful environmental aspects at Van Phuc 2 General Hospital" is important to building a sustainable hospital development image. The subject focuses on the plan to develop the environmental management system by ISO 14001: 2015 based on the current management status of the hospital By the 3P and 4T methods, the criteria and methods of analysis and field survey were identified, There were five Environmental aspects at the hospital by followings: smells, dust, exhaustion, wastewater, infectious waste, and clinic waste. In addition, the subject also establishes objectives, environmental criteria, planning, resource-building procedures, communication systems, document systems, etc., to complete the environmental management system by ISO 14001: 2015 for the hospital. At the same time make recommendations to help the hospital can complying with all requirements when building an Environmental Management System. Keywords: Environment; Environmental aspects, hospital, solution
The study was undertaken to compare the lead accumulation and removal of Dracaena sanderiana, Dracaena reflexa, and Dracaena deremensis on artificial lead solutions to apply plants in lead pollution treatment. The experiment consisted of 6 treatments corresponding to 3 investigated species of Dracaena. Each treatment was grown on 2 types of solution with Pb and without Pb used as control. The results indicated that the growth of D. sanderiana, D. reflexa, and D. deremensis was not affected at Pb concentrations of 100 ppm. All three plant species had the ability to absorb and accumulate Pb. In which D. sanderiana was a typical lead excluder because the lead concentration in roots (1952.14 mg/kg), shoots (221.78 mg/kg), and leaves (166.46 mg/kg) of the plants were the highest among the three plants tested. The most of lead accumulated in the root, and transportation of lead in D. sanderiana, D. reflexa, and D. deremensis from root to shoot was restricted. Besides, the highest % removal of Pb was found at D. sanderiana (93.16%) and the minimum of 66.77% at D. reflexa. D. sanderiana is the best choice among the three Dracaena species used for phytoremediation of lead contaminated wastewater.
Binh Duong, a dynamic province in the Southern Key Economic Region in Vietnam, has a fast growing economy and strong economic restructuring towards industrialization and modernization, have affected many aspects of economy, culture, society and environment. This study analyzes the influence of economic restructuring on urban development in Binh Duong province by utilizing the time series data throughout 2000 - 2020 and the household interview method of the topic "Urbanization and its effects on land use restructuring in Binh Duong province" shows the shift of occupations from agriculture to non-agriculture. The research results show that economic restructuring contributes to promoting economic and social development in general and expanding the urban network of Binh Duong province in particular, but it has some limitations in the process of development. Therefore, Binh Duong wants to successfully integrate into the world economy and develop urban areas towards sustainability (by 2030), it must have specific, scientific and objective analysis and evaluation on the success and limitations of the economic restructuring process and its impact on the urban system in recent times. The research results also have a scientific basis for proposing appropriate and effective solutions and policies to successfully implement the goals and orientations of economic restructuring and urban development that Binh Duong has been approved.
Through analysis of the DPSIR model, combined with research methods such as field surveys, and survey questionnaires, the author has given the following results: The amount of waste is increasing; Not paying attention to the classification at source, Solid waste collection is still limited; Environmental quality is degraded due to the stench caused by domestic waste in some neighborhoods; The soil environment is polluted due to solid waste treatment that is difficult to decompose; Surface water and groundwater are also leaked due to leachate, wastewater from landfills; The polluted environment has, directly and indirectly, affected the health and production and business activities of the people in the ward, degraded the ecosystem, and lost the urban beauty. The author has proposed solutions to reduce environmental pollution caused by domestic waste such as population policy, establishing collection groups, craft village planning, and applying the circular green model in economic development.
This paper aims to apply FMEA (Failure Mode and Effect Analysis) tool in the wood production process of Minh Duong Wood Company. In this study, the process evaluation indicators according to FMEA were analyzed such as failure severity - S (Severity value), failure frequency - O (Occurrence number), error detection ability. failure - D (Detection number), risk priority factor - RPN (Risk Priority Number). The research results show that the failure modes of the process have been systematically and comprehensively identified. Fault types are ranked as priority for improvement and corresponding solutions have been proposed.
In this paper, we consider the Robin-Dirichlet problem for a system of nonlinear pseudoparabolic equations with viscoelastic term. By the Faedo-Galerkin method, we first prove the existence and uniqueness of solution for the problem. Next, we give a sufficient condition to get the global existence and decay of the weak solution. Finally, by the concavity method, we prove the blow-up result of the solution when the initial energy is negative. Furthermore, we establish here the lifespan of the solution by finding the upper bound and the lower bound for the blow-up time.
In the current work, we study a Cauchy problem for a time-fractional pseudo-parabolic equation with a globally Lipschitz source term. We prove the unique existence of a mild solution to the problem, by the common Banach fixed point theorem. This solution is then verified that exists globally in time by Gr¨onwall’s inequality. Compare to previous works about the similar issuse, we approach in a way that does not require using weighted spaces. Although our approach share a similar spirit to previous studies, our method seems to be more precise and natural.
In this paper, we consider the Dirichlet problem for a wave equation of Kirchhoff- Carrier type with a nonlinear viscoelastic term. It consists of two main parts. In Part 1, we establish existence and uniqueness of a weak solution by applying the Faedo- Galerkin method and the standard arguments of density corresponding to the regularity of initial conditions. In Part 2, we give a sufficient condition for the global existence and exponential decay of the weak solutions by defining a modified energy functional together with the technique of Lyapunov functional.
In this paper, we study the Robin-Dirchlet problem (Pn) for a wave equation with the term 1 n Xn i=1 u2( i−1 n , t), n ∈ N. First, for each n ∈ N, under suitable conditions, we prove the local existence and uniqueness of the weak solution un of (Pn). Next, we prove that the sequence of solutions un of (Pn) converges strongly in appropriate spaces to the weak solution u of the problem (P), where (P) is defined by (Pn) by replacing 1 n Xn i=1 u2( i−1 n , t) by Z 1 0 u2(y, t)dy. The main tools used here are the linearization method together with the Faedo-Galerkin method and the weak compact method. We end the paper with a remark related to a similar problem.
In this paper, we consider the Dirichlet boundary problem for a nonlinear wave equation of Kirchhoff-Carrier-Love type as follow   utt − B ? ∥u(t)∥2 , ∥ux(t)∥2 (uxx + uxxtt) = f(x, t, u, ux, ut, uxt) + Xp i=1 εifi(x, t, u, ux, ut, uxt) for 0 < x < 1, 0 < t < T, u(0, t) = u(1, t) = 0, u(x, 0) = ˜u0(x), ut(x, 0) = ˜u1(x), (1) where ˜u0, ˜u1, B, f, fi (i = 1, · · · , p) are given functions, ε1, · · · , εp are small parameters and ∥u(t)∥2 = Z 1 0 u2 (x, t) dx, ∥ux(t)∥2 = Z 1 0 u2 x (x, t) dx. First, a declaration of the existence and uniqueness of solutions provided by the linearly approximate technique and the Faedo-Galerkin method is presented. Then, by using Taylor’s expansion for the functions B, f, fi, i = 1, · · · , p, up to (N + 1)th order, we establish a high-order asymptotic expansion of solutions in the small parameters ε1, · · · , εp.
Enzymes are biodegradable catalysts naturally present in living organisms. Enzymes can accelerate biochemical reactions by reducing the activation energy, and they are not consumed during reaction processes. Numerous applications of enzymes have been developed in biotechnology, industry, medicine, pharmaceuticals, food processing, biofuels, and so on. In this study, we develop a mathematical model describing enzymatic reactions with a Ping-Pong mechanism and competitive substrate inhibition. In order to obtain insights into the model behaviors, we use Python software to obtain numerical solutions for the model. Some discussions on the numerical results is provided. Finally, we briefly discuss a potential application of the model and some future work.
This report presents the process of conserving, restoring scientific works, as well as ensuring the method and principle of conservation. Besides, because there are many reasons, the restoration of the relic is not currently carried out in accordance with the current regulations and there are some mistakes in the conservation and restoration of the relic. Therefore, understanding the restoration process is the core scientific basis for proposing effective conservation projects and solutions. Moreover, the content of report provides more the materials, and scientific foundations for conservation and restoration of the relic as follows: - Understand the valuable aspects of the Ngo Mon relic; - Help conservationists grasp some methods to identify the relic including analysing history, and construction schedule of the work; analysing actual state (architecture, materials, fine arts...); analysing documentary photos; analysing similar works. - Support people who work in management, project planning, construction of the relics grasp the order, process, regime, and policy of the State when implementing a project to conserve and restore more professionalism.
In this paper, we consider initial value problems for nonlinear fractional equations where source functions may discontinuous. We obtain the existence and uniqueness of maximal mild solutions of the problem. We also give some appropriate conditions such that mild solutions of the problem blow-up at a finite time. Furthermore, we discuss the continuous dependence of mild solutions of the problem with respect to fractional order.
Recognized as a smart city, Binh Duong's smart city development strategy also includes the development of automated agriculture, typically large-scale livestock farming. A sustainable urban development will not be able to ignore the factor of providing food for urban and regional people. Phu Giao district - Binh Duong province is one of the leading districts in livestock farming, especially concentrated pig farming. The agricultural industry, pigs breeding, is one of the strengths of the district, besides the cultivation of short and long-term industrial crops such as rubber, cashew, Ho Tieu... Livestock is a very old profession of the Vietnamese people in Phu Giao district as well as in Binh Duong province. The contribution of livestock production to the socio-economic face of the district cannot be denied. However, animal husbandry activities, besides the economic values, also cause some consequences to the natural environment such as soil and water pollution, noise, odors in the air, etc. Hence, we decided to do the research of "Application of ISO 14001:2015 international standards in determination of environmental aspects at market hog farm with semiautomatic technology farm size 12,000 pigs per year in Phu Giao district, Binh Duong province" (TCVN ISO, 2015). This is a large-scale pig farm with modern semi-automatic technology equipment. We expect to find out environmental issues in the most detailed and specific way so that the owner can overcome the above environmental problems, rest assured to raise livestock and develop more expansion later. We conducted a review of the areas on the farm, evaluated the activities in each area, from which we found out the environmental problems through the material flow diagram (Phạm Thị Hồng Cẩm, 2020). Next, through the multi-criteria method (Phạm Thị Hồng Cẩm, 2020) we calculated the score and found the most significant environmental aspects (most environmental risk). The research results will be a general picture to provide farm owners with an intuitive and easy-to-understand view for suitable solutions. Developing farm economy along with environmental protection towards sustainable development of livestock agriculture.
In this paper, we establish compactness and continuous dependence on parameters for solution-set of the second order differential inclusion including self-adjoint operator in the form \begin{align*} \left\{ \begin{gathered} \frac{\partial^2}{\partial t^2} u(t,x) +2\mathcal{A} \frac{\partial}{\partial t}u(t,x)+\mathcal{A}^{2} u(t,x) \in F(t,u(t),\mu),\,\, \hfill (t,x)\in [0,T)\times\Omega \\ u(0,x)=\frac{\partial }{\partial t}u(0,x)=0, \,\, \hfill x \in \Omega, \\ %u(T,x) = h(x), \,\, \hfill x\in\Omega, \end{gathered}\right. %\label{MainProblem} \end{align*} where $\mathcal A$ is a self-adjoint operator. We use the spectral theory on Hilbert spaces to obtain formulation for mild solutions. Using the mild solution formula together with a measure of non-compactness with values in an ordered space, we construct useful bounds for solution operators. Then, we establish necessarily upper semi-continuous and condensing settings, which mainly help to obtain the global existence of mild solutions and the compactness of the mild solution set. Finally, we provide a brief discussion on the continuous dependence of the solution-set on parameter $\mu$.
Vegetables are the major source of dietary nitrate, with wide variations in nitrate content. The presence of nitrate in vegetables is often associated with harmful effects on human health. The study investigated nitrate of vegetables in Phu My ward, Hiep An ward, Tuong Binh Hiep ward, Thu Dau Mot city, Binh Duong province in 2020 by UV-VIS for determining of nitrat concentration, measurement wavelength of 410 nm. The vegetable samples were collected in the fields according to method of TCVN 9016:2011 and the nitrate contents were determinated according to method of TCVN 8742:2011 (Vietnam Ministry of Sciences and Technology, 2011). The results showed that there were 3 fresh spinach samples, 3 bok choy samples, contained the nitrate contents exceeded the regulations according to the regulations of nitrate contents in vegetables in the decisions of world health organization site (WHO). These results warn the farmers and policy administers of Thu Dau Mot city to give the solutions of nitrate-content controling in vegetables producing in Binh Duong.

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