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Peer Review Policy


Thu Dau Mot University Journal of Science is committed to peer-review review integrity and upholding the highest standards of review. This is consistent with international practices in the publishing process of prestigious scientific journals. It aims to play an important intellectual role as a high-quality journal and can be indexed in Scopus, ASEAN citation index (ACI), among others. The review process is as follows:

- When a manuscript is received by a peer-reviewed journal, the editor typically acknowledges receipt and review of the manuscript is within the journal’s scope. We then inform the author of how a decision about acceptance might be made. If suitable, the editor sends the manuscript to a specified number of reviewers. These reviewers may comprise the editorial board of a journal or be invited from other scientific institutions. Names and other identifying information are removed from the manuscript so that reviewers do not know the author’s identity.

- The review process ordinary is completed within 1-3 months (depending on the content and topic of the paper). After reviewers have submitted their comments and recommendation in regards to whether the manuscript should be published, the editor synthesizes the reviewers’ information and makes a final decision on the manuscript’s status. The most common outcomes are (1) accept with no revisions; (2) conditional acceptance, based on minor revisions; (3) reject (or not acceptable for publication) with a recommendation that the author consider a rewrite and resubmission; and (4) outright reject.

- In case the manuscript has disagreement among reviewers, the editor will decide based on information presented by the reviewers and his or her own assessment, or may send the manuscript to additional reviewers. Once the editor has concluded the review process, the editor sends a final decision letter along with the anonymous reviewers’ comments to the author.

- When a manuscript is accepted for publication, authors are sent page proofs, a nearly final version of the manuscript. It is necessary for authors to check these proofs carefully for misspelling, and reference or part of text inadvertently dropped or omitted in the production process. And also the author’s final chance to ensure that tables and references have been presented accurately.

- During the review process, authors may contact with the editor via online (asking about the current review status). The editor is willing to respond to authors’ questions if possible.

- The Journal encourages scientists and scholars who are not part of the editorial board to participate in peer review articles. This creates opportunities for scientists and scholars to read and review papers relating to their professional expertise. This process creates opportunities not only for academic research but also for contribution in academic development.